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Welcome to Tampere Singing School!

The Tampere Singing School offers professional teaching in both classical and pop/jazz singing for students of all ages and abilities. You can find us in the center of Tampere, in Klingendahl.

Our teaching philosophy

The high level of singing teaching and the ethics of teaching are matters of honor for all teachers of the Tampere Singing School. We believe that everyone has the opportunity to learn new things and develop throughout their lives.

Ethical values

Each student is an individual with their own starting point and prerequisites for practicing singing. Everyone progresses at their own pace and according to their own goals. It is important that the teacher and the student discuss the goals together at regular intervals. We want coming to singing class to be the highlight of the week and leaving feeling happy and energetic. We always try to find something new to learn - whether small or big.

General goals of teaching

Our goal is to create the conditions for the student to enjoy singing throughout his life. We want to support adults' voluntary pursuit of music, and guide young people to focused, purposeful and long-term work. The singing teacher creates such operating methods and goals for the teaching that the progress of students with different abilities is possible.

Concept of learning and working methods

Singing as a hobby requires persistence and is a comprehensive process that requires some degree of commitment to the hobby. A positive attitude towards hobbies leads to development, which in itself increases motivation. The teacher's task is to create an open, positive and student-encouraging study atmosphere. The joy of making music is the most important guideline in our teaching.


You will surely find yours in our wide selection of training

We offer a wide range of singing lessons. Private lessons, group lessons, lessons tailored for children, young people and seniors, as well as a wide selection of different courses.

Get to know our teachers

The experience of our teachers is very  wide and versatile.. 

Lauluopettaja Susanna Tenkanen-Lindeman

The experiences of our students

"The classes have a wonderfully encouraging atmosphere and it's always nice to come and sing!"

Lisa, 31

"It's always a boost for the week when I get to a singing lesson. Wonderful high-quality teaching in every lesson. I've learned an awful lot."

Jemina, 26

"Once again, the atmosphere has been warm and encouraging! The teaching is individual, suitably challenging and takes into account the student's life situation and general mood. Big thanks!"

Mike, 48

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