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Children and young people

In singing lessons for children and young people aged 6-14, we develop musical skills in a variety of ways. We get to know the vocal instrument through natural deep breathing, we pay attention to the purity of the voice, the free and easy tone and the clarity of the lyrics. We also learn things related to the interpretation and expression of songs.

The goals are the same as in lessons for adults, but we always consider the age of the student and choose songs so that the lyrics are appropriate for the singer's age.

Children are always singing, and that is why we see it as important that children receive the right kind of instructions for their singing at an early stage, so that they don't develop mannerisms in how to use their voice.

Teaching singing to children and young people has been one of the most important issues in the national singing teacher training of the Suomen Laulupedagogit ry in recent years. Susanna Tenkanen-Lindeman was a member of the association's board 2015-2017.

Susanna Tenkanen-Lindeman has done pioneering work in children's singing lessons, about which the following article:
Singing with children - the experiences of a singing pedagogue on children's singing lessons can be readFROM HERE


Tenkanen-Lindeman has also developed the Children's and Youth Singing School at the Tampere Conservatory, of which she is the responsible teacher. He is also responsible for the pedagogy of children's singing lessons for singing teachers graduating from TAMK/Music.

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