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Price list


INCLUDES 17 X 45 min   €900

(your savings €205)

The first lesson is always an introduction to singing lessons. It is paid either in cash, mobilepay or with a payment application during the class. The price of an introductory lesson is €65 for 45 minutes. If you wish, you can also choose a 60-minute introductory lesson, the price is then €85.



Single lesson 45 min €65

Semester 900€


Series cards

10 x €580

5 x €310

Payment installments surcharge €5/installment


Under 10 years

Single lesson 30 min €45

Series cards

10 x €390

5 x €210


Single lesson 60 min €85

10x €765

5x €400




12 x60 min 4-6 people  300€/person

12x 45 min 4-6 people €240/person


Group lessons for 2 people -20%/person


Family lessons; two members of the same household in the same hour – 30%/person




Singing lesson + free accompaniment   

45 min singing + 15 min free accompaniment


17x 60 min €1190

single hour €85


Hour packages 45 min and 30 min

the prices are the same as in solo lessons




The price of the recording package is €310

includes 45 min of joint planning, 3x 45 min recording


Registration of a new semester student €10
Official study register extract €10

Note! You can pay with Smartum and Edenred applications and ePass.
From August 1, 2022, with these payment applications, a 5% billing surcharge of the amount paid with the application.

You can also contact us using the form to find the right teacher or to ask for more information. 

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