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Musical birthdays or singing birthdays for children


Are you missing some functional, guided program for your children's birthdays?

From Laulukoulu, you can now order a singing teacher who will entertain children by singing and dancing in your own living room. The birthday hero can choose the song he likes, which he must inform the director in good time. On the day of the celebration, the song is learned together and the aim is to form a whole with choreography.


The birthday hero can be a star artist if he wishes. The guests also play an important role, supporting the soloist by singing and dancing.

The teacher also warms up and gives tips on singing technique and performance.

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Music birthday parties at the Laulukoulu premises


Now there is an opportunity to organize children's birthdays also at the Laulukoulu's own premises in Klingendahl.

Reserve the space for the time you want and let the singing teacher play with the children. A music lesson can include getting to know the ins and outs of singing using the piano, music-based games for children, or it can be learning and performing a song that combines dance and singing (see: previous section). Please reserve one of these themes in advance.

The premises have a refrigerator and dishes. The singing teacher is only hired to be responsible for the music lesson. The rest of the time he is also present at Laulukoulu.

More information:

You can also contact us using the form below to find the right teacher or to ask for more information.

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