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Group singing

The Puppini Sisters, Rajaton, Pentatonix… or someone else?

Come and join the new singing group to be founded at Laulukoulu!

In the group, the focus is on singing polyphonic and/or two-part songs and at the same time developing stemma singing skills. Let's train the ear and the voice to pay attention to all the things that singing in a vocal group requires. A good feeling and guided voice warm-ups crown the workouts!

Singers of all levels are welcome - we proceed according to the group.

Mondays at 19:30-20:30

The teacher is Johanna Kyykoski, who has toured the world for ten years with the vocal group Tuulettare. He has experience in international A Cappella competitions as well as on big stages: He knows how to make voices sound together.

A group teaching singing lesson. The teaching takes place at the premises of the Tampere singing school in Tampere. Teaching starts in September and the semester contains 12 hours.

Group singing, group lessons 60 min x 12

  • The minimum number of participants in the group is 4 and the maximum is 6 singers.

    If only 3 singers sign up for the group, the lesson is 12 x 45 min and you will also get a 30 min solo lesson, worth €45.

    If only 2 singers register for the group, the lesson is 7 x 45 min. The prices of couple lessons are -20% of the prices of individual lessons, in this case you get an additional 18% discount.

    If you are the only one registered in the group, you will receive 5 x 45 min personal lessons worth €310.

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