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Group lessons

Small group singing lessons are fun, communal and motivating. Sharing a singing lesson with others gives a different perspective on learning than individual singing lessons. The aim is to create a happy and encouraging atmosphere in the groups, where it is easy for everyone to use their voice.
The size of the groups is 4–6 people. Each group meets 12 times during the semester. Group training can also be carried out with a smaller number of participants, adjusting the number of hours.

Spring semester group teaching starts in week 4. We use the principle of continuous registration and the group is formed as soon as there is a minimum number of people willing. Sign up If you are interested in group teaching but the time is not suitable, please contact us

Youth pop singing workshop for 13-16 year olds

Sanni, Ellinoora, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, John Legend or someone else?
In this course, you can sing songs by your favorite artists under the guidance of an inspiring and professional teacher and learn how to use a microphone. In the workshop, the most important thing is maintaining singing enthusiasm and getting to know singing technical matters in a safe environment. The teaching contents of the groups are tailored according to the level and interests of each group.

You can inquire about places in this group at


Songs and songs for adults

In this course, we will go through both iconic hits & songs from different eras and students' own wish songs. Voice exercises and we sing some of the songs together, in addition to our own solos according to the wishes of the group. Relaxed mood with nice music!
Mondays at 19:30-20:30
The teacher is Anu Collin


Show and pop song for adults

Want to find your inner superstar? Do you want to get tips on good singing technique, interpretation and charismatic performance? With this course it is possible!
We do important warm-up and technique exercises for the singer, and together we practice today's hit songs and the necessary vocal techniques. According to the wishes of the course participants, for example, they can sing stems for other singers and get to know the basics of singing into a microphone.
The teacher also gives tips on, for example, performance tension and the musician's mental well-being.
In the course, it is possible to present your own wishes for the topics covered!
Throw yourself in to be carried away by the song, with a relaxed grip and a twinkle in the corner of your eye
Wednesdays at 19:45-20:45
Teacher Jennifer Markin

Laulu raikaa group

In this group, we have fun with evergreen hits and the most beautiful songs. Each time, vocal exercises are done at the beginning, after which we delve into the songs. The group sings both together and possibly solo. The goals are designed according to the students, and the software is put together listening to the wishes of the group. The group is intended for people over 60 years old. Welcome aboard!
Thursdays from 13:00 to 14:00
The teacher is Tiia Schwartz

Adult pop songs - group of beginners

Are you interested in singing light music, but need a little encouragement to get started? This course is just for you. In the course, you get to know and practice pop/jazz songs and light music singing technique both in a group and alone in a safe atmosphere and in a good mood. This low-threshold course can be the first steps on your own singing path. Welcome aboard!
You can inquire about places in this group at

Children's singing groups

Children's group lessons focus on relaxed voice use, good singing posture, clear text and most importantly, the joy of singing! The songs are chosen to suit the age level.
Saturdays from 12:30-1:15 p.m. for 7-9 year olds as teacher Heini Korhonen
Tuesdays at 18:30-19:15   for 10-12 year olds as teacher Anu Collin



Note! It is possible to make changes to the course schedules, so please contact if the schedule of a course does not fit into your schedule.

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