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Free accompaniment

Would you like to learn to accompany your own song? Encouraged to play your favorite melodies creatively?

Come and learn to play the piano based on chords. It wonderfully supports your singing hobby, and when chords are found, understanding of harmonies also develops and you get new joy and breadth in your music making.

In the lessons, you get to know how to form basic chords and produce the most common rhythms. This is done by playing songs you like.

Free accompaniment studies do not require previous playing background. The lessons are also suitable for those who have played classical piano and for players who already know how to form basic chords, but want to learn how to position them more widely and produce comps and rhythms better.

Free accompaniment studies can also be combined with singing lessons.

You can find the price listFROM HERE


You can also contact us using the form below to find the right teacher or to ask for more information.

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