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Individual lessons


As a semester student, you take singing lessons at the same time every week. The academic year is divided into two semesters: autumn and spring semester, in both you get teaching 17 x 45 min. The semester starts in week 32/33 in autumn and week 2 in spring.

As a lesson student, you can start singing lessons whenever you want, regardless of the time of year. Series cards are either 10x or 5x  at a time. You develop best in your studies when you attend classes either weekly or every other week. As a lesson student, it is possible to change the singing lesson time as needed. Series cards are valid for six months (6mm). It is also possible to attend individual classes.

It is possible to book singing lessons for every day of the week, and we have both daytime and evening times.


We give singing lessons to adults, teenagers and children. Ask for more information


In the summer, we offer summer courses in small group teaching.


A classic song

Classical singing training provides a good foundation for your singing technique, even if you also sing other styles.

In singing lessons, we focus on mastering the vocal instrument, which includes several areas, e.g. breathing, body muscle control and free sounding of the voice, as well as interpretation of songs and texts.

Teaching is mainly individual teaching, but group teaching is also possible.

In individual lessons, the duration of an hour is 45 minutes.

A pop/jazz song

If you have a burning desire to sing rock, pop, jazz, or some other genre of light music, or even a mix of all of these, these lessons are just for you.

In pop/jazz vocal studies, in addition to the basics of voice use, different genres of light music are introduced, as well as musical and vocal matters specific to them, depending on the student's interests. Most of the lessons are accompanied by piano or backing tapes. Getting to know microphone technology is also part of pop/jazz vocal studies.

Pop/jazz singing lessons can be taken either as individual lessons or as group lessons.

In individual lessons, the duration of an hour is 45 minutes.

Solo singing lessons can also be combined with studies of music theory and free accompaniment on the piano.

You can also contact us using the form to find the right teacher or to ask for more information. 

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